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Welcome to my studio!

I am a mixed media artist, specialising in realistic, Coloured Pencil Pet Illustrations. 

I believe everyone deserves fun, personalised & high quality art in their home.

I'd love to work with you to create a piece you will treasure for a lifetime!

Stay in the loop!

Stay notified with updates; when I reopen my waitlist & new things that are coming this year! 

Thanks for subscribing! Chat soon :)

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Join My Patreon Community!



$5 per month
"The Apprentice"

Community Access

Access to my member only, Patreon community. You will be the first to be notified with any news, updates, commission waitlist details etc before it is announced to the general public.

This is also a wonderful way to meet other like-minded creatives & artists!


Video Content

Regular Patreon videos showcasing my favourite tips and tricks for coloured pencil art.

This will include daily updates, what I am working on & sharing new projects I have planned.


Close Friends

For those of you on Instagram, you will be added to my close friends list where you will see more behind the scenes/exclusive content.


Original Art

Your chance for me to use your pet photo/s for original art I create using different art mediums.


$15 per month
Tier 2: "The Artist"

In this tier you will have access to everything in "The Apprentice," tier plus-


Monthly Art Critiques

Optional 3 monthly art critiques of your work, where you send me a photos of you art & I give you a 5 minute video in return with advice on how to make it more realistic.

Understanding everyone has a different style, I will point out your strengths as well as give you areas you can work on to elevate your drawing.


Longer Form Video Content

Longer form videos, including tutorials, tips and tricks and my favourite art products.

This will include reviews on new art supplies & art mediums I am trying, what I recommend investing in as a beginner & what I wish had when I first started.

You'll see more of my day-to-day life & what goes on behind the scenes of running an art business.

PDF Guides

You will receive some of my PDF templates that are in my store that will help you set up your business.


$45 per month
Tier 3- "The Master"

In this tier you will receive all benefits from "The Apprentice," & "The Artist," tiers as well as-

Total Package

You will receive ALL of my PDF templates that are in my store that will help you set up your business.

Coaching & Support

A 1:1 40 minute coaching call every month. This could include advice on any drawings your working on, business advice- or simply creating art together while we chat!

You also have daily access to message me, ask for advice, help with your own art pieces.

This help can be directly through Patreon, email or Instagram, whichever suits you best!

Business Tips

Insights into my processes and knowledge I have gained over the past 4 years as an artist for how to run your own business.

I will share my favourite social media tips and how to grow your own audience and become a successful commission based artist.

I am always researching new and relevant ways to grow platforms as a creative, I will be sharing what I learn here with you.

These will be available to you via blog posts, videos and audible voice notes.

Have your say

Requests for specific demonstrations or subject matters you want me to cover in the future.

Custom Line Drawings

There's beauty in simplicity!

Custom Line Drawings of your pet are now available!

Perfect for tattoo designs, printing on cards logos etc. 

I would love to work with you to create your dream piece!

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I reopen my waitlist every 6 months.
To be notified when I reopen, please subscribe to my email list.
You will receive an email 24 hours in advance before I reopen so you can prepare to book in if you're ready.
Previously, spots fill up fast which is why I give notice ahead of time.
There is typically a 6-12 month waiting period once you are on my list for a personalised commission.
These pieces are all unique & very special to create, I strongly believe in quality over quantity (I am also a 1 woman show!) which is why there is a little bit of a wait.
I promise it's worth it!


At this stage once you are on my waitlist, I will send you through a customer form to fill in, detailing you & your pet's information for your piece.
I love to know a little bit about who I will be drawing! Details such as which photo you might like drawn & size doesn't need to be decided yet, as I will ask for a deposit a couple of weeks before I am ready to start your drawing.


Once I have received a deposit from you, I will be ready to start! 
I love helping my customer's decide on which photo may work best for a drawing, but if you have a favourite, be sure to let me know too!
At this stage I will work closely with you to create your dream illustration of your pet. I will send you updates throughout & am happy to take on any special requests.
You will receive a free digital version of your drawing as well as the physical copy.
Prints can also be added on as an extra.



Please don't hesitate to message me with any business enquiries, questions or feedback. I'd love to hear from you! 

If you would like to be notified when custom drawings reopen, please fill in the subscription form above.

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